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Piper Drives is a Canada base Engineering company, actively engaged in the sales and manufacturing of high-precision cycloidal gears (Zero Backlash.) These gears belongs to category of hi-tech products and represent a unique technical solution, which integrates radial-axial bearings with a high precision reduction gear into a single compact unit. The products of the company are suitable where high reduction-gear ratio, high kinematic precision, zero-backlash motion, high torque capacity, high rigidity, compact design in a limited installation space as well light weight is the primary requirement. The area of applications for this gear ranges widely from Industrial robotics, industrial automation, machine tools, manufacturing to navigation, camera equipment, medical systems etc.

Piper Drive has demonstrated history of working and a team of veteran specialized in Gear Manufacturing process to meet customer specific requirements. Our strength resides in to perform all sophisticated operations precisely and consistently. With state of the art teeth grinding facility we ensures delivery of high quality, reliable and cost effective solution to our customers. Piper drive set their foot in Cycloidal gear manufacturing in 2014 and within a short time span we crossed the domestic market and developed the customers overseas.

What is Precision Reduction CRV

Precision reduction CRV is a reduction gear for precise motion control which uses a planocentric reduction gear mechanism. This reduction gear design has advantages in rigidity and resistance against overload with a compact body due to a large number of simultaneously engaged gear teeth. Furthermore, minimal backlash, rotational vibration and low inertia lead to rapid acceleration, smooth motion and accurate positioning.

  • High accuracy (backlash & lost motion : Less than 1 arc. min.)
  • High rigidity.
  • High shock load resistance.
  • High torque density (High torque & Compact body).
  • Wide range of reduction ratios.
  • Minimal vibration.
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6-axis robots, scara robots, portal robots, gantry robots, Delta robots.

Automation and service robotics

general automation, assembly equipment, rotary tables, welding positioners, AGV Drive

Machine tools

Turning and milling machines, grinding machines, bending machines, cutting machines (waterjet, laser, plasma, etc.) tool changers, palet changers, rotary tables, cutting heads, woodworking machines, marble and stone machines, rotary transfer machines,

Navigation and security

Radars, navigation equipment, surveillance optoelectronics systems, security and defense equipment, simulation systems.

Medical equipment

Surgical robots, radiosurgery devices, medical and rehabilitation devices, scanners, dental milling machines, other medical equipment

Other applications

Inspection, measuring and testing equipment, textile machines, packaging machines, semiconductor manufacturing, remote camera systems (film industry), calibration systems, rotary positioners in science projects

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